Precision Integrated Data provides services and solutions that can be customized to any field of work. Many if not all industries deal with some kind of paper at some point in their daily workflow. Precision Integrated Data can help maximize the efficiency of your business by helping you do more with your paper, by making it digital. Once digital Precision Integrated Data has many solutions for how to focus on specific needs depending on the industry requirements.


Corporate Industry
Corporate documents can be a number of different things, from company contracts, to HR files, and even corporate financial data. Corporations depend on these documents and require them to be safely secured, stored and accessible.

How we work with Corporations


Healthcare Industry

Patient records and HIPAA compliancy makes healthcare documents confidential and private. Medical documentation is known to be a paper powerhouse. With file retention laws, storing these patient files leaves you with the risk of security, natural disasters, and organizational issues.

How we work with Healthcare 


Legal Industry

Legal files always deal with sensitive information that must be kept secure. Many firms have walls of files and constantly pull out previous case files and search for documents. Having a system to organize, secure and store your practices legal documents can provide a huge benefit to a business or firm.

How we work with Legal 


Education Industry

There are many sides to the Educational industry. From preschools to college universities, even research facilities, educational institutes are always harboring copious amounts of paper files whether for research or teaching purposes. These documents contain important, and personal information and should be stored in a way that protects and maximizes the data represented on the paper.

How we work with Education 


Government Industry

Many local, county, state, and federal government facilities are required to store many public records and files. These files contain legal and confidential information and should be safeguarded while allowing access to qualified recipients.

How we work with Government 


Financial Industry

One of the biggest industries, the financial industry contains many different fields of work from insurance, to manufacturing, and even real estate. Almost every line of work in this industry requires heavy documentation and file retention for legal and financial purposes. Having a system to automate and increase your productivity, while organizing and making file searches easier will be a key benefit.

How we work with Financial, Insurance and Real Estate 


Utilities& Service Industry

In today’s world, we all take our energy and service businessesfor granted but behind the scenes paper is flowing nonstop, between different departments. These facilities utilize paper in ways of production reports, customer service, contract management and advertising. All of these sectors add to the amount of paper flow within the organization, and can slow a company’s chain of operations. Having digital information at the tip of your fingers will increase the services you provide.

How we work with Energy & Utilities 



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