A national provider of document solutions.

About Us

Precision Integrated Data first began inside the healthcare field. We began providing smaller personalized solutions to physicians and practices to help them manage their documents and secure patient files. It was here that Precision Integrated Data saw the potential in document management. Precision Integrated Data was born as a break away company from RevPro Healthcare Solutions a medical billing company. With its background in Healthcare, Precision Integrated Data started transforming into an all-around service company. Although we sell solutions and software our clients are more interested in our Services!

Our Values

Precision Integrated Data focuses on our customer service as our number one objective. We pride ourselves in providing our customers support with any issue or concern they have come across. We do this by following a set of standards across our company and employees. We believe and require from our employees these traits:

  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • An Above and Beyond Work Ethic
  • Detail oriented
  • Good Moral Ethics
  • Innovation

The Future

Precision Integrated Data is always looking to the future and what trends and advances technology may bring us! Here at Precision Integrated Data we specialize in Digital Cloud Storage. Not only do we help our clients take their massive amounts of paper and turn them into compressed digital files that can be viewed at any time, we offer a special service to that allows us to host our client’s files online via our fully encrypted HIPAA compliant and secured server. What this means is that our clients have the option to now take their fully digitalized paper records and store them in our online document vault. Not only will the customer have access to our server and their private filing cabinet they will be able to view these documents through their login information from our website from anywhere in the world and at any time as long as they have an active internet connection. With this option customers can access their documents, edit them, and send them (encrypted) to recipients of their choice; they may also search through all their files and preform query searches in case they need to extract documents.