Methods for Optimizing Workflow

Workflow is the way a project progresses from its beginning to its completion via a defined progression of repeatable tasks. When it comes to creating a successful company, it is evident that even the smallest decisions can make huge differences in providing quality work to your clients and creating a productive workplace where talented employees thrive. One of the keys to that success is optimizing your company’s workflow. Continue reading “Methods for Optimizing Workflow”

Time to Get into the Cloud?

Despite all the changes advances in technology have wrought over the past couple of decades, countless offices throughout the country are still heavily reliant on outdated and frequently ineffective systems.

The cloud adventure is delivering all that it promised for many businesses. But, for a lot more businesses, the journey hasn’t even begun. For the trail blazers, especially the bigger organizations, the initial prompt to move to the cloud was centered around both efficiency and cost savings. The second biggest reason for many was business dexterity and scalability. Still there are so many organizations that still see the cloud as irrelevant.

Obstacles to Overcome

The issues preventing many from utilizing the cloud is centered on two primary challenges. The first is an industry-wide skills shortage in the badly needed advanced elements of IT. Cloud has been no exception and the constant evolution of software technology hasn’t helped. It has made attracting, training and retaining talented people a serious issue for every tech sector.

However, the second obstacle is the one that is much easier to overcome. It is simply taking the step. The journey to the cloud has lots of the examples of successful, transformative new cloud-enabled business models from Netflix to Uber, who have been taken the bulk of the pain out of the process for you. They were the pioneers.

It does take some vison and being open to how technologies like the cloud can help kindle the transformation. Whether it’s a way of performing an existing task more efficiently, or a radical new service that unlocks untapped potential; they both start with a desire to push the boundaries.

So, Where Do You Start?

In the couple of decades, the speed of change that has been powered by technology is the faster than anything else anyone has ever witnessed. The jump from small personal servers to client servers and now to the cloud has simply been amazing.

So, what is the answer to the question, ‘Where should we start?’ The most impactful response is to start with people and your company’s data. Companies like Precision Integrated Data can help get you going. PCI can help you customize the cloud solution to fit your business goals and needs. PCI can also help set custom rules for documents and routing options. You can choose your own indexes and organization methods of how documents are searched and sorted.

Data Flow and People Are Critical

When it comes to data, it is worth taking a couple of things into account. Try and ensure that whatever storage architecture you use can work with every cloud platform. One thing the digital era has taught us is that change is inevitable. So, you will want to ensure that your data can flow between the current and/or most popular cloud platforms.

Please don’t forget the people. That includes giving your own staff the support and training they need but also working with people that have helped others make the same transformative journey to the cloud. Precision Integrated Data has invested heavily in creating the types of cloud platforms that are scalable and flexible, along with consulting and training programs that can help you take the first steps.

Lastly, it’s your journey, your business and ultimately, how you decide to get there will be in your hands. But once you start it, we can honestly say, it will be an amazing trip. Password protected and shielded behind layers of encryption, your documents are kept safe and ready for you to use whenever you need them. A digital archive means countless man-hours saved and valuable office space freed up for better use. So, please feel free to contact us for more information, or to schedule an free consultation. If you make one change for the start of 2019, make it going into the cloud. Call us today at (561) 578-8440!

Professional Document Scanning Benefits

There are numerous reasons and benefits to having your documents professionally scanned. One of them being, scanning files and converting them to digital format provides a permanent answer to de-cluttering your office or workplace. In this blog you will learn more about specific reasons and benefits of scanning – from lower records management costs to improved records security and productivity. Continue reading “Professional Document Scanning Benefits”