The Corporate Environment

The Corporate industry manages countless amounts of paperwork each day. These papers can range anywhere from HR files, contracts, financial data, work orders, etc. Due to the structures of most corporation all of these files cannot be viewed by every individual working for the corporation, instead only the employees with enough clearance should be able to view certain files. We can not only help digitalize all your corporate paper files, organize them and make them searchable, we will also insert documents level security giving you the capabilities to restrict certain employees or departments from viewing individual files or all documents with a specific file type/index.

Examples of document types commonly found in the corporate industry:

  • Accounts Payable: Invoice, Purchase Orders, Utility bills, Expense Reports
  • Accounts Receivable: Invoices, Shipping and delivery tracking, statements, Quotes
  • Human Resources: Employee background checks, employee information, company policies and procedures,
  • Legal Documents: Contracts, Business agreements

P.I.D. Solutions

Get Rid of Your Boxes

Document Scanning. Our most basic service. Scan, store, & management your documents securely online.

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Fire Your File Cabinet

The Document Cloud. Online Document Storage & Retrieval + Workflow Automation.

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Stop Paper at the Source

Business Consultations. P.I.D.’s most comprehensive service. We focus on what training is required so your businesses employees can efficiently use the equipment and software to its maximum potential and benefit.

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Document Shredding

Once your paper files have been shredded it will make it near impossible for anyone to recreate the document and its data.

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