Healthcare Industry

As the healthcare field expands and advances in technology, electronic filing has become a must. With compliancy laws putting pressure on medical practices to use EMR systems and keep electronic records, using or even storing paper is a thing of the past. Precision Integrated Data started out in the healthcare field and has the most experience in this line of work. From medical claims, to patient files, to denials, and appeals we understand the paper intensive processes and the need to store all files in an organized searchable fashion so you may pull records or bills in case they are required in the future. Not only does Precision Integrated Data take away your legal risk of storing all these paper files with the chance they may be destroyed or damaged with time, natural disasters, misplacement, and human error. We can also put them on the HIPAA secured and compliant cloud platform that will protect your files and only allow access to those you specify, it can also help create an office workflow and audit trail while giving you access from any device with an active internet connections (desktop, laptop, IPad).

Another major benefit the healthcare field receives from doing this is they now have a centralized online storage cabinet for all their files even if there are multiple practices. One of the main issues medical providers face every day is communication, not only between provider to patient communications, but also in the event of a provider to provider, or provider to legal communication. Communicating result or patient information/health records can be troublesome, cost ineffective, and restricted due to privacy laws. With HIPAA secured cloud storage you can communicate your records digitally without worrying about delivery time, privacy, record security and cost of printing/photocopying.

Commonly worked files in this industry:

  • Patient health records
  • Insurance Correspondence
  • Legal Correspondence
  • EOB, EOR, AOB, Pre-Certs
  • HR files
  • Compliance records
  • Enrollment forms
  • Lab Results
  • Patient Reports

P.I.D. Solutions

Get Rid of Your Boxes

Document Scanning. Our most basic service. Scan, store, & management your documents securely online.

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Fire Your File Cabinet

The Document Cloud. Online Document Storage & Retrieval + Workflow Automation.

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Stop Paper at the Source

Business Consultations. P.I.D.’s most comprehensive service. We focus on what training is required so your businesses employees can efficiently use the equipment and software to its maximum potential and benefit.

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Document Shredding

Once your paper files have been shredded it will make it near impossible for anyone to recreate the document and its data.

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