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Sometimes we get over run by our paper, and we find ourselves in a paper jam. Precision Integrated Data offers services that can help an array of business with different business needs. We realize some offices may be paper heavy, while others may be less paper intensive but have accumulated paper piles over the years. With our Business Consultation and training services business can learn how to become paperless and stay paperless and efficient independently without our continued help.


What’s involved in this service?

Internal Processes:

Here we come into your business and take a look at your processes locating areas where paper is heavily exchanged and used.

Hardware assessment:

Once inside your business we look at the hardware, what kinds of scanners and equipment is being used to handle the paper, and what needs to be upgraded or improved.


Once we have a proper assessment of the business and we know its hardware needs, we can then focus on what training is required so your businesses employees can efficiently use the equipment and software to its maximum potential and benefit.

Online Cloud Storage:

Precision Integrated Data teaches you how to do our job! You will learn to manage your paper and improve the way your business handles paper and the benefits of more access to your own information. We will introduce your business to the cloud and a revolutionary way to store your documents giving the user more access and control over their documents, from any location 24/7.


Key Benefits of Business Consultation from Precision Integrated Data:

Increased Knowledge:

Learn more about your own business process and learn to spot areas where paper can be reduced and digitalized to improve efficiency and security.

Reduced Cost:

Learning the process and procedure for dealing with paper and digitalizing it can save your business time and resource from hiring new employees to manage paper, and/or outsourcing the job to another company.

Increased Security:

By constantly digitalizing your files you gain multiple levels of documents security from credentialing to audit logs, you will always know who is seeing your files and what they are using them for.

Increased Productivity:

By having your paper records digitalized you can begin to use your files more efficiently, with advanced search and query capabilities your employees will be able to retrieve information within seconds. Save the time of looking for a file and searching for information with digital files it’s as simple as a search.

Modernize Your Business:

Paper is becoming a thing of the past, with every generation moving more and more toward technology and the digital world, don’t let your business drag behind due to its paper files. Take the step into the technological future and transform your business into a modern powerhouse.

What Industries Do We Serve?

Precision Integrated Data provides services and business consultation solutions that can be customized to any field of work. Many if not all industries deal with some kind of paper at some point in their daily workflow. Precision Integrated Data can help maximize the efficiency of your business by helping you do more with your paper, by making it digital. Once digital Precision Integrated Data has many solutions for how to focus on specific needs depending on the industry requirements.

CorporateHealthcareLegalEducationGovernmentFinancialUtilities & Service

Corporate Industries

Corporate documents can be a number of different things, from company contracts, to HR files, and even corporate financial data. Corporations depend on these documents and require them to be safely secured, stored and accessible.

The Corporate industry manages countless amounts of paperwork each day. These papers can range anywhere from HR files, contracts, financial data, work orders, etc. Due to the structures of most corporation all of these files cannot be viewed by every individual working for the corporation, instead only the employees with enough clearance should be able to view certain files. We can not only help digitalize all your corporate paper files, organize them and make them searchable, we will also insert documents level security giving you the capabilities to restrict certain employees or departments from viewing individual files or all documents with a specific file type/index.

Examples of document types commonly found in the corporate industry:
  • Accounts Payable: Invoice, Purchase Orders, Utility bills, Expense Reports
  • Accounts Receivable: Invoices, Shipping and delivery tracking, statements, Quotes
  • Human Resources: Employee background checks, employee information, company policies and procedures,
  • Legal Documents: Contracts, Business agreements

office people meeting in a conference room to discuss some charts, business consultation

Healthcare Industries

Patient records and HIPAA compliancy makes healthcare documents confidential and private. Medical documentation is known to be a paper powerhouse. With file retention laws, storing these patient files leaves you with the risk of security, natural disasters, and organizational issues.

As the healthcare field expands and advances in technology, electronic filing has become a must. With compliancy laws putting pressure on medical practices to use EMR systems and keep electronic records, using or even storing paper is a thing of the past. Precision Integrated Data started out in the healthcare field and has the most experience in this line of work. From medical claims, to patient files, to denials, and appeals we understand the paper intensive processes and the need to store all files in an organized searchable fashion so you may pull records or bills in case they are required in the future. Not only does Precision Integrated Data take away your legal risk of storing all these paper files with the chance they may be destroyed or damaged with time, natural disasters, misplacement, and human error. We can also put them on the HIPAA secured and compliant cloud platform that will protect your files and only allow access to those you specify, it can also help create an office workflow and audit trail while giving you access from any device with an active internet connections (desktop, laptop, IPad).

Another major benefit the healthcare field receives from doing this is they now have a centralized online storage cabinet for all their files even if there are multiple practices. One of the main issues medical providers face every day is communication, not only between provider to patient communications, but also in the event of a provider to provider, or provider to legal communication. Communicating result or patient information/health records can be troublesome, cost ineffective, and restricted due to privacy laws. With HIPAA secured cloud storage you can communicate your records digitally without worrying about delivery time, privacy, record security and cost of printing/photocopying.

Commonly worked files in this industry:

  • Patient health records
  • Insurance Correspondence
  • Legal Correspondence
  • EOB, EOR, AOB, Pre-Certs

  • HR files
  • Compliance records
  • Enrollment forms
  • Lab Results
  • Patient Reports

Legal Industry

Legal files always deal with sensitive information that must be kept secure. Many firms have walls of files and constantly pull out previous case files and search for documents. Having a system to organize, secure and store your practices legal documents can provide a huge benefit to a business or firm.

The legal field is one of the oldest most prestigious industries. Every market and industry will require some kind of legal help at some point in their businesses growth. Within the legal field there are many different avenues, from real estate, to criminal, all the way to bonds and family law. Each case taken by a lawyer will always have files and records attached to it. Whether they are court papers, medical documents, contracts, etc. the legal field is very dependent on paper files. It is common for many law firms to store these paper files due to the volume and speed at which these files come into a law practice.

Most of the law firms storing paper records will be required at some point to pull a previous case or access old records. The usual practice seen among many law firms is to store case files in boxes in a warehouse or storage unit, not only does this pose a security risk but also your still dealing with paper, and your still required to have a person physically retrieve the file when needed.

Having an organized and sorted electronic filing cabinet will not only keep your files safe and confidential they will also give you the ease of retrieving files instantly.This will cut out the time of searching for files; a process where you may still have a chance of not finding the file, or finding a damaged incomplete file after wasting countless amounts of time searching.

Precision Integrated Data can not only help you remove and digitalize all your old legal files we can also consult with the legal practice and create a business plan for the future that will allow the firm to continue storing new information electronically, to avoid another paper pileup.

Common files we work on in this industry:
  • Contracts
  • Patient Medical Files
  • Litigations
  • Real-estate
  • Legal Forms
  • Financial Documents

Education Industry

There are many sides to the Educational industry. From preschools to college universities, even research facilities, educational institutes are always harboring copious amounts of paper files whether for research or teaching purposes. These documents contain important, and personal information and should be stored in a way that protects and maximizes the data represented on the paper.

The education industry is always evolving and moving forward. With paper records being used every day for purposes such as student records or curriculum/research data. The educational industry would benefit by having a secure system where documents can be stored electronically. With all the risk involved in storing personal important information on paper, things such as loss of information, damage, disaster planning, and storage retrieval issues pose obstacles for the education industry which may impact their efficiency and productivity. Let Precision Integrated Data take the headache out of your paper filing system so you can focus on the researching and teaching involved within the Education Industry.

Examples of documents we usually work with inside the Education industry.
  • Student Medical files
  • Research files and Reports
  • Student Records
  • AP and AR documents
  • Inspection reports
  • Legal documentation

Government Industry

Many local, county, state, and federal government facilities are required to store many public records and files. These files contain legal and confidential information and should be safeguarded while allowing access to qualified recipients.

Many local, county, state, and federal government facilities are required to store many public records and files. These files contain legal and confidential information and should be safeguarded while allowing access to qualified recipients.

The government industry is filled with many rules and regulations. It is their job to store and manage all the public records and public information. Overtime these records can pile up and become cluttered making it harder to sort through and find specific files. With Precision Integrated Data’s procedures for organizing and digitalizing records we can make the process is as simple as a few clicks. Using our system and digitalizing your files can be seen to cut the cost of storage while simultaneously reducing the risk and work involved with paper records.

Examples of Documents we commonly work with in this Industry:
  • Zoning Reports
  • Business licenses
  • Inspection reports
  • Building Violations and reports
  • Police Records
  • Court Documentation
  • Contracts
  • Administrative paperwork

Financial Industry

One of the biggest industries, the financial industry contains many different fields of work from insurance, to manufacturing, and even real estate. Almost every line of work in this industry requires heavy documentation and file retention for legal and financial purposes. Having a system to automate and increase your productivity, while organizing and making file searches easier will be a key benefit.

The financial industry is one of the broadest yet most robust industries out there. Within the financial industry you see the insurance and real estate markets as well. These markets comprise the majority of the financial industry. Each market individually has their own needs, but similarly each market demands some of the same basic requirements; secure, encrypted, files that are organized, and are searchable. These markets rely heavily on previous transactions and information to complete future transactions. Being able to quickly locate and find a document or old contract, can provide your business with copious amounts of benefit, not to mention the security of having all your files backed up and secured on the cloud keeping your business compliant with regulatory laws, and allowing you access to your files 24/7.

Most common files used and worked with in this industry:

  • Bonds
  • Account documentation
  • Bank Information
  • Applications
  • Lockbox and mail
  • Loans
  • Mortgages
  • Claims
  • Policies
  • Titles and Ownership papers

Utilities & Service

In today’s world, we all take our energy and service businesses for granted but behind the scenes paper is flowing nonstop, between different departments. These facilities utilize paper in ways of production reports, customer service, contract management and advertising. All of these sectors add to the amount of paper flow within the organization, and can slow a company’s chain of operations. Having digital information at the tip of your fingers will increase the services you provide.

The energy industry is one of the most important markets out there. Without their services none of the other industries would have the power to run and conduct their business. We use energy in every aspect of our daily life without realizing its importance. The Energy and Utilities industry deals with a nonstop flow of paper documents throughout the daily work process. Things like reports, customer service tickets, maintenance reports, advertisements, and more are printed and managed daily. Having a digital record of these documents will allow these businesses to effectively store and archive their files making it easier to pull records of previous transactions and services with the click of a button. All the information is encrypted and secured, because the security of these documents are extremely important.

Types of documents usually worked on in this industry:
  • Contracts
  • Invoices
  • Service agreements
  • Technical Reports
  • Certifications
  • Employee Records
  • Safety reports
  • Transaction Reports

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