Document Scanning

Document Scanning (imaging), Storage, Destruction, and Organization

Document imaging is the first course of action when taking your business paperless. This is where we take your boxes of paper files and digitize them, converting them into text searchable files. They will then be organized by a custom set of indexes of your choice. After this you can choose to get your digital files back in a number of different ways. Having your documents securely imaged can save you lots of time and effort searching for files or running reports to find numerous files.

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Cloud Storage

Cloud storage, Workflow Automation

Once your documents are digital, we specialize in storing them on our cloud based solution. Once inside our cloud based solution you will have 24/7 access to your documents from anywhere with an active internet connection.In addition well as the ability to edit, securely send, manage and route documents within your workflow. This creates a work process and an organized online filing cabinet. Since all your files will be digital you remove the risk and liability of having a paper filing cabinet, and all the restrictions that come with it.

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Business Consultations for staying paperless

Stop the paper buildup!

Precision Integrated Data is always here for your paper needs! Our final step in staying paperless is teaching you how to do our job! Having boxes piled up in your business filled with paper can be a headache and paying your employees to digitalize them can be a time intensive costly process. Once your business is free of these boxes whether it’s by our Document Scanning Solution or an in house process, it’s time to focus on not collecting more paper. Precision Integrated Data can consult with your business and determine the right equipment and training required by your employees to support your daily paper intake. They will be able to continue digitizing files, and adding them to your digital cloud filing cabinet.

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