Business Consultations

Sometimes we get over run by our paper, and we find ourselves in a paper jam. Precision Integrated Data offers services that can help an array of business with different business needs. We realize some offices may be paper heavy, while others may be less paper intensive but have accumulated paper piles over the years. With our Business Consultation and training services business can learn how to become paperless and stay paperless and efficient independently without our continued help.

What’s involved in this service?

Internal Processes:

Here we come into your business and take a look at your processes locating areas where paper is heavily exchanged and used.

Hardware assessment:

Once inside your business we look at the hardware, what kinds of scanners and equipment is being used to handle the paper, and what needs to be upgraded or improved.



Once we have a proper assessment of the business and we know its hardware needs, we can then focus on what training is required so your businesses employees can efficiently use the equipment and software to its maximum potential and benefit.

Online Cloud Storage:

Precision Integrated Data teaches you how to do our job! You will learn to manage your paper and improve the way your business handles paper and the benefits of more access to your own information. We will introduce your business to the cloud and a revolutionary way to store your documents giving the user more access and control over their documents, from any location 24/7.

Key Benefits of Business Consultations from Precision Integrated Data:

Increased Knowledge:

Learn more about your own business process and learn to spot areas where paper can be reduced and digitalized to improve efficiency and security.

Reduced Cost:

Learning the process and procedure for dealing with paper and digitalizing it can save your business time and resource from hiring new employees to manage paper, and/or outsourcing the job to another company.

Increased Security:

By constantly digitalizing your files you gain multiple levels of documents security from credentialing to audit logs, you will always know who is seeing your files and what they are using them for.

Increased Productivity:

By having your paper records digitalized you can begin to use your files more efficiently, with advanced search and query capabilities your employees will be able to retrieve information within seconds. Save the time of looking for a file and searching for information with digital files it’s as simple as a search.

Modernize Your Business:

Paper is becoming a thing of the past, with every generation moving more and more toward technology and the digital world, don’t let your business drag behind due to its paper files. Take the step into the technological future and transform your business into a modern powerhouse.

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    The P.I.D. Path to Paperless.

    Get Rid of Your Boxes!

    Document Scanning.

    Our most basic service. Scan, store, & manage your documents securely online.

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    Fire Your File Cabinet!

    The Document Cloud.

    Online Document Storage & Retrieval + Workflow Automation. Your online file cabinet. Capture, store and manage documents and digital files securely online.

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    Stop Paper at the Source.

    Business Consultations

    We focus on what training is required so your businesses employees can efficiently use the equipment and software to its maximum potential and benefit.

    Increased Security

    Document Shredding

    Once your paper files have been shredded it will make it near impossible for anyone to recreate the document and its data.

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