Education Industry

The education industry is always evolving and moving forward. With paper records being used every day for purposes such as student records or curriculum/research data. The educational industry would benefit by having a secure system where documents can be stored electronically. With all the risk involved in storing personal important information on paper, things such as loss of information, damage, disaster planning, and storage retrieval issues pose obstacles for the education industry which may impact their efficiency and productivity. Let Precision Integrated Data take the headache out of your paper filing system so you can focus on the researching and teaching involved within the Education Industry.

Examples of documents we usually work with inside the Education industry.

  • Student Medical files
  • Research files and Reports
  • Student Records
  • AP and AR documents
  • Inspection reports
  • Legal documentation

P.I.D. Solutions

Get Rid of Your Boxes

Document Scanning. Our most basic service. Scan, store, & management your documents securely online.

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Fire Your File Cabinet

The Document Cloud. Online Document Storage & Retrieval + Workflow Automation.

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Stop Paper at the Source

Business Consultations. P.I.D.’s most comprehensive service. We focus on what training is required so your businesses employees can efficiently use the equipment and software to its maximum potential and benefit.

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Document Shredding

Once your paper files have been shredded it will make it near impossible for anyone to recreate the document and its data.

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