Why You Need Professional Document Shredding

#1 – It’s the Law

Numerous state and federal laws are in place that dictate that it’s mandatory for your business to secure its private information, particulary files concerning employees or customers.To comply with these specific regulations, it’s crucial that all confidential and outdated business information be shredded. Precision Integrated Data provides convenient paper shredding solutions that will keep your business in compliance and do so at an affordable cost.

Your business should be aware of the regulations below and their implications to guarantee the privacy of your employees and customers:

*  The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Implemented in 1995, this law states that healthcare industry professionals responsibly shred all patient records.

*  The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA) Established in 2003, this began in an effort reduce the risks of identity theft by mandating that all companies shred customer information being disposed of.

*  The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) Enacted in 1999, this law requires that all financial institutions properly protect the privacy of consumer data through smart storage and disposal practices.

#2 – Cost Efficiency

Shredding trucks are much more efficient, and shred paper faster and have much more capacity than any in-house shredding machine can provide.

If you were to assign an employee to take care of any document shredding task, it would cost your company more than hiring a shredding company.

#3 – Your Delete Button Does Not Work

The computer or mobile device you’re probably using right now is one of the most overlooked aspect of secure document destruction. Why? Simply because of the the hard drive. Hard drives are present in your computer, your phone, your tablet or any device you use to surf the web, compose documents or send emails. The sad news is – your delete button does not do what most people think it does. Almost nothing is ever erased form a hard drive. You may have thought you deleted that document or even “permanently deleted” that email, but, your computer only marks these items as to be deleted. Even if you drop your drive off of a mountain or dip your drive in water, there is still a very good chance your deleted data can be accessed using the right techniques.

#4 – Ensuring Recycling

As we know recycling paper contributes to a healthier and greener environment – but after shredding records with an office shredder, it’s too risky to set them aside for recycling. Bags of shredded documents waiting to be recycled are extremely vulnerable to theft by criminals hoping to gain access to confidential information.

Precision Integrated Data incorporates recycling into the destruction process without compromising confidentiality. Both shredding and recycling take place within a closed building protected by security procedures and technology. Our professional shredding process ensures documented custody throughout the collection, destruction, paper baling and recycling process.

Precision Integrated Data ensures your paper materials are always handled in an environmentally responsible manner while protecting your confidential information at all times.

#5 – Do You Really Know Your Employees?

Unfortunately in this day and age, trustworthy, loyal employees are hard to come by and even more difficult to retain. In order to keep business moving, it is not unusual for employers to lower their guard when hiring new personnel and relax background and reference checks. Trusting these employees to properly handle your most confidential of documents is risky and irresponsible.

Eliminate that risk by calling Precision Integrated Data. If you choose to go with Precision Integrated Data’s Scanning Solution (flat per box pricing) the cost of shredding is covered and you can have your documents shredded at no additional cost. Call us today! (561) 578-8440

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