Reducing Office Clutter in the New Year!

Reducing Office Clutter in the New Year


Remove Physical Files


Digitize all of your documents to get rid of physical files that take up too much space. Receipts, invoices and other crucial documentation can all be kept in digital form and backed-up regularly to protect against disaster (something that actually can’t be done with physical copies of documents).

Shred Old Documents


Any documents that do require a physical copy temporarily should be disposed of as soon as their usefulness has expired. Using your own paper shredder is good for data protection, but if that is not such a big issue then work with a paper shredding service to save even more space.

Inventory System Design


Design a system for necessities such as paper, stationery and ink cartridges. This way you only ever keep stock of what you need. When an office becomes over cluttered, it becomes difficult to find what you need easily, and you can end up ordering more of something you already have.

Remove ‘Just in Case’ Items


Reevaluate the items you are keeping ‘just in case’. Identify the future usage likelihood of every single item you don’t use regularly and get rid of anything that serves no real purpose.

Stop Printing


Take the digitization of your receipts and invoices one step further by not printing anything out if it can be read on the computer.

Organize your business for the New Year in 2020.

Online Task Manager


Use email for memos and task notes and make use of social media chat apps such as Whatsapp which can serve as an online company notice board.



Learn how and where to recycle everything so you don’t end up storing loads of empty ink cartridges or spent batteries, light bulbs and other such items.

Creative Storage Ideas


Use vertical space for storage. Multiple shelves can attach to the studs in the wall, or pockets where frequently used files can be stored are a great way to save space and declutter the offices of a small business.

Declutter Your Cables


Always tie and label your cables so they are out of the way and also so you can identify which cable leads into which machine when you need to. Use sharpies to label them, with a silver color working best on black cables and a black marker on white or grey cables.

Sort Mail Quickly


Set a specific time aside to deal with all the mail, including recycling junk mail and used envelopes. This should be a daily exercise if your business receives a lot of mail.

Sort your mail quickly to help declutter your office.

Reevaluate Item Usefulness


Re-evaluate the usefulness of every single workplace item. Do you really need five staplers? Is there one that doesn’t work so well and so just sits there never getting used? Apply this logic to literally everything in the workplace.  Just ensure everything that is there has a purpose and is actually useful.

No More Sticky Notes


For a truly decluttered office space, you must get rid of sticky notes! They can be useful in their way, and it is possible that you need to use them to some degree, but try to discourage their use as much as possible because they immediately add unnecessary visual noise to even the most orderly of office spaces.

Ten-Minute De-Cluttering Exercise


If your office seems like it requires a complete overhaul to get even close to something resembling decluttered, then try this ten-minute decluttering exercise every day for a week: Take two bags, one for trash and one for recycling, and go through the office inch by inch sorting everything in your path. This works best in conjunction with other tips from this list such as digitizing all your documentation.

At Precision Integrated Data we offer scanning and imaging services to store your documents electronically. We can pick up your boxes and files and securely transfer them to our facility to scan, or scan on-site. We also offer records management and document shredding services. To learn more, contact us today at (561) 578-8440.

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