Professional Document Scanning Benefits

There are numerous reasons and benefits to having your documents professionally scanned. One of them being, scanning files and converting them to digital format provides a permanent answer to de-cluttering your office or workplace. In this blog you will learn more about specific reasons and benefits of scanning – from lower records management costs to improved records security and productivity.

Why Use Scanning to Declutter

* Lower costs

* Simplified retention tracking

* Improved security

* Higher productivity

Document Scanning Cuts Records Management Costs

According to research, businesses spend over $2.5 million on time wasted searching for lost files. By using a professional scanning company, not only will converting to digital clear out clutter permanently, it will also boost productivity with the ability for your staff to quickly find and use the new files in an electronic document management system (DMS).

Document Scanning Improves Security Protocols


Using scanning to convert files helps to protect from identity theft and other security risks in three ways:

* By scanning documents and implementing them with DMS systems after you’re able to remove potentially sensitive information from the workplace entirely—leaving nothing for thieves to steal.

* While a locked filing cabinet in the office is still at risk of fire damage, DMS systems use multiple layers of security tools ranging from regular data backups to encryption and access controls.

* Scanning and converting files to digital format means you can shred all old paper copiesafterwards without concerning yourself if you need to keep anything.

Scanning Simplifies Retention Tracking


By implementing scanning and conversion the new DMS system can be configured to automate retention tracking, helping to simplify record retention both now and in the future.

Post-Scanning Benefits


Besides during the actual decluttering of files and records, using a DMS to manage new digital records also helps going forward with advantages ranging from boosted security to improved time and cost-efficiency.

Boosting Cost-Efficiency


Electronic records management is cost efficient in three main ways:

Labor Costs

A DMS system allows users to search for files by keyword and quickly access, copy, or distribute needed files, as a result improving employee productivity and getting you more for your money.

Supply Costs

By removing paper from the workplace entirely you in turn save on the cost of supplies and resources needed for managing hard-copy records, such as paper, printer ink and toner, and file cabinets or shelving for storage.

Space Costs

By organizing workflow and reducing resource costs, thousands of scanned files can be stored digitally in a fraction of the space needed for paper storage—opening up the opportunity to use the space more efficiently or reduce real estate costs.

Improving Productivity


Scanning and implementing a DMS also helps productivity and time-efficiency in several ways, such as automated tracking systems that can be configured to help streamline administrative work such as managing record retention.

Another benefit is the ease of use. Quickly accessing, copying or distributing files can all be done within the system and doesn’t require any other equipment, helping to prevent multiple copy errors.

Finally, the extra space created from scanning the files can be used for other revenue-generating alternatives.

Upgrading Security


DMS systems use multiple methods for protecting sensitive PII from both internal and external security risks:

Document Encryption

To protect from external threats DMS systems use document encryption to make files indecipherable. That way, even if sensitive information is stolen, it will be useless to thieves without an decryption key.

Access Control Lists (ACL)

For internal risks password-based access controls can be configured to control and limit which users can access files, helping to keep critical information in the hands of only those who need it. For sensitive information ACLs with multiple tiers can be implemented to reinforce protection.

Need to Declutter Your Workspace?


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