Document Scanning

Document scanning is the best way to take your retired family business to the next level. When you go paperless, you eliminate file damage or loss. Your family may have thought they were doing a great job keeping up with all of the invoicing and paperwork, but with the digital age now firmly in place, it’s time to go paperless with data document scanning.

When you use a professional document scanning company to digitize your paper files you won’t have to spend countless hours converting them into text searchable files. Precision Integrated Data makes it easy, as all of your files will be organized with your choice of indexes that are custom set to your preferences. With a professional data scanning company you can be assured that your documents have been securely imaged and are easy to access.

Unlike some professional document scanning companies, you don’t have to wait for a pickup. All you have to do is put your documents in a box, call Precision Integrated Data and they will come to you. Once your documents have arrived, they will be delivered to the conversion center for prepping and scanning. Once your documents have been scanned, they will be converted to TIFs and PDFs. OCR character recognition will be performed before your files are stored digitally and online. Once the process has been completed, your files will be returned or shredded as per your instruction.

If you choose to receive your files back on a storage device, talk to Precision Integrated Data about Cloud Storage Solutions. Precision Integrated Data can host your files on the cloud giving you 24/7 access anywhere with an internet connection. Just one more reason it pays to let Precision Integrated take care of your document scanning and digital data storage needs.

Call now for more information regarding document scanning. It really will save you time and money.

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