Is Your Security Company Compliant?

With technology changing on a daily basis security has become paramount with hackers determined to get any information they can regardless of the industry. The banking and healthcare industries have been hit especially hard with security breaches that affected millions of people all over the United States.

In the healthcare industry, data protection is at the top of the list when it comes to regular assessment, compliance, and of course, security. As more applications are becoming cloud based, health care organizations need to be prepared for technology accelerators, such as artificial intelligence and 3D printing move on to the scene.

Precision Integrated Data understands that cybercriminals are working nonstop to be one-step ahead of the game when it comes to cloud based technologies. In today’s world, data has become even more valuable making health care facilities, pharmacies, doctor’s offices, and hospitals prime targets.

According to the Security Metrics Guide to HIPAA Compliance 2017, health care industries accounted for over 36 percent of reported data breaches in 2016.

Being prepared for the worst is essential when it comes to protecting your information. Precision Integrated Data offers all industries, including the health care industry, cloud-based IT-solutions that will support their businesses.

Compliance is crucial if you are looking at cloud-based security solutions. Precision offers softwares and solutions that have undergone the necessary audits and conformation for SOC 2, PC, and HIPAA. Precision Integrated Data has a team of dedicated professionals that are available for assistance with your compliance needs.

With technology rapidly changing and more businesses moving to cloud based solutions, it’s important to stay protected and that is where Precision Integrated Data comes in.

From patient files, medical claims, appeals and denials the need for file storage on the cloud is essential. With cloud based security systems from Precision Integrated Data in place, your legal risk is diminished.

With HIPPA secured and compliant cloud based security systems in place you don’t have to worry about paper files being damaged or destroyed. Precision Integrated Data can also increase workflow, as access is available from any device with an internet connection.

Don’t take chances. Call or click and call the security experts from Precision Integrated Data today.

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