How to Keep Your Digital Files Properly Organized


Now that we have the ability to digitize work files and with it access to efficient storage and management solutions that we’ve previously utilized, our capabilities have increased drastically, assuming that is, that our file storage and management solutions are better organized. Following are a few tips that will assist you in keeping your files in order, which is essential to running a successful and efficient business.

By adopting certain file management practices on your network you can achieve incredible efficiency. We recommend the following:

Keep All Documents Within a Root Folder


It doesn’t matter if you’re creating a file sharing environment or organizing documents that only you will be working on, to help simplify the process of finding your files later, every document should be contained in a single folder, known as the root folder, and divided into various sub-folders to keep them organized.

Use Folders to Your Advantage


As mentioned, to help create a more organized file system it’s very advantageous to create various sub-folders. For example, you keep photographs of various projects in a specific folder. Calling this folder “Photographs” lets you know what it contains and can be divided up into folders for each of the projects that these photographs were taken for. All of your files should be easily located based on the folders you create.

Determine Specific Naming Conventions


To simplify finding files at any given time, make sure that all of your files are given descriptive names. Naming a file ‘estimate’ will not be enough to help you identify which estimate is contained in that file and will only make it more difficult to find at some future date.

It’s extremely important to be specific as possible as you name your files. Try to name your files in a way that clearly imparts what their contents are, so that both you and anyone else you might share a file with, can get a clear sense of what the file contains.

You can also use your file names to make it more convenient to find the ones you need. Adding a character to the beginning of the name will make it default to the top of the list of files.

Create Files Where You Want Them


It’s much easier to initially create a document where you want it stored than it is to relocate it later. Doing this while using the naming conventions that you established will enable you and others to quickly find the document being searched for.

Enable Collaboration


The capability for your entire staff to accomplish productive work in a shared digital environment is of paramount importance, which is why it is strongly encouraged that businesses utilize the cloud for these file management capacities.

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