FAQ’s About Data Destruction

It’s common knowledge that papers are vulnerable and definitely need protection from being mishandled. Many times papers that contain personal information are exposed to a third party without permission. Only in in rare cases, every company needs to be extremely careful and diligent regarding this area; otherwise, they can be declared for breaching the Federal Law for data protection or Privacy Act of the United States. This is the exact reason why data destruction in the United States is taken seriously.

The term data destruction usually refers to virtual data destruction. Apart from paper shredding, the main way of being compliant with the data protection law, data destruction is also needed for the virtual data in the drives, in the cloud and in other media.

Who sets the standards of data sanitization?

The security service of the government sets these standards. The data protection in the educational field, the medical and financial sectors are under the laws like HIPAA, FACTA, and GLBA etc. The Federal Trade Commission has mandated it for all businesses to protect the consumers’ information at any cost.

What are the major points of data destruction?

In order to get to a satisfactory result in data destruction, some key points should be followed. The sorting, verification, destruction, certification, documentation are the few steps followed in every small or large business to protect the consumers’ information. For the compliance aspect, a proper certificate from the paper shredder or the data destruction company is taken. It always helps to be on the safe side.

Do they use any tool?

A professional shredding service providers will know for the papers, which machine will be appropriate to meet your specific requirements. The most popular for its efficiency is the cross-cut method. The smaller a piece the shredder can make out of your document, the safer it is. For the virtual data, there are lots of cleaning tools on the market which may be your service provider use, but the destruction of the entire memory is needed to stay completely safe from cyber theft. Precision Integrated Data can provide complete destruction of your hard drive if you request it.

Are there processes that are not safe for virtual data protection?

People think that the drive encryption, and overwriting it can save information stored in it from hackers. The truth of the matter is that, no such process can guarantee complete protection from a cyber-attack. The computer never deletes its memory fully. That is why, physical destruction is always a better option than the others.

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