Document Shredding

Secure Document Shredding

Even the modern business is known to print off paper documents. Whether it is mission critical to print paperwork or not, many employees prefer to work from paper rather than a computer screen. This means that anything from accounts, to HR details to product development plans and customer data, all may be printed. All of this information is private, and needs to be destroyed securely. This step is crucial when fighting to prevent identity theft or even just to keep all your files or your customers files secure and safe. Document shredding is the biggest line of defense when it comes to protecting the information on your paper files. If you have chosen to go with Precision Integrated Data’s Scanning Solution (flat per box pricing) the cost of shredding is covered and you can have your documents shredded for no additional cost.

One time pickups

  • On Site Pickup
  • Safe & Secure Document Destruction
  • Certificate of Destruction upon Request
  • Hassle Free
  • Remove risk of compromising data

Scheduled Recurring Pickups

  • Contracted period of time
  • Receive Secure Document Dropbox
  • Weekly or Monthly Pickups
  • Reoccurring pickups for paper heavy businesses
  • Stress Free scheduling

Benefits of Shredding

Environment friendly.

According to the Environmental Paper Network’s most recent State of the Paper Industry report, paper usage in North America is decreasing while the amount of paper recovered for recycling is increasing. Companies are striving to recycle, yet office copy paper alone still accounts for over 20 percent of the total paper usage in the United States. But being green is more than just reducing paper production. A paperless environment may also mean less energy consumption. Small businesses use less energy when printers, faxes, and copiers are inactive.

Increased Security

Once your paper files have been shredded it will make it near impossible for anyone to recreate the document and its data. Shredding greatly increased your security and reduces your chances of a data outbreak.

Reduced Cost to your Business

Having your files shredded may reduce the cost of operating your business, because it alleviates time spent shredding and cost of shredding machines, also it may alleviate any costs of data outbreaks and information breaches.


Some businesses may find that their market requires some level of compliancy toward a set of standards. Shredding personal information usually falls into the category of compliancy and can help keep your business compliant with different laws.

Free Up Space!

Having your documents shredding can sometimes help alleviate space in your place of work. Some files do not need to be stored and by having them around it creates extra clutter and compliancy issues, shredding them can take care of this issue and make your office more organized and clean.

The P.I.D. Path to Paperless.

Get Rid of Your Boxes!

Document Scanning.

Our most basic service. Scan, store, & manage your documents securely online.

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Fire Your File Cabinet!

The Document Cloud.

Online Document Storage & Retrieval + Workflow Automation. Your online file cabinet.

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Stop Paper at the Source.

Business Consultations

We intercept your documents at the source and transform them into secure digital streams.

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Increased Security

Document Shredding

Once your paper files have been shredded it will make it near impossible for anyone to recreate the document and its data.

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