Build a Green Image by Going Paperless

There are great reasons for scanning and digitally storing your documents. Among them is simply the ease of being able to quickly locate whatever you need from any computing device you have access to. But there’s much more to going paperless than just that obvious benefit.

Going paperless can really benefit your business in other ways too. The greatest benefit is that you will be perceived as a green business. This is one of generating new customers by opening up a whole new market that you may not have previously considered. And let’s be honest, being green is a worthwhile goal for any company. It helps establish the popularity of your brand and ultimately ensures the long-term success of your business ventures.

Below are some environmental facts to consider when you are contemplating taking your business green.

One ream of paper equals five pounds. The average office employee uses around 7 reams of copy paper each year. This fact has set the world’s average paper consumption at 123 pounds of paper per person each year.

These averages are causing one billion trees to be cut down each year to satisfy the world’s paper demand. Environmental groups expect this number to grow in future years causing even more harm to the environment.

Besides the aesthetically pleasing benefit of saving trees, they impact all of us and our earth in some very major ways:

1.   Trees remove 100 to 120 billion tons of carbon each year from man-made sources like (cars, trains, planes, etc.).

2.   Trees moderate climate, improve air quality, conserve water and also harbor wildlife.

3.   Trees cut down energy costs – air conditioning and heating costs are lower in shaded areas. The less energy used by consumers, the less CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

When people think of a paperless office, they usually focus on how to store documents in a digital form. This is important, but it misses the real point of going paperless. The real benefit comes from creating documents in way that are digital for the entire lifetime of a business.

A business can save massive amounts of paper through electronic documentation. Energy savings are just as important and can be accomplished by minimizing the use of print and copy machines. Supporting the green movement helps the environment and shows clients that your business cares in a positive way.

So, ask yourself, how popular is your brand? What are the values your company stands for? Sustainable businesses enjoy an excellent reputation, which is why going green right now makes a lot of sense.

If you’re ready to go paperless, Precision Integrated Data can help. We offer scanning and imaging services to store your documents electronically. We can pick up your boxes and files and securely transfer them to our facility to scan, or scan on-site. We also offer records management and document shredding services. To learn more, contact us today at 561-578-8440.

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