Our History

Going Paperless!

Once Precision Integrated Data entered the document management field we immediately noticed the need for digital records. Precision Integrated Data specializes in helping businesses and individuals go paperless. With technology increasing and advancing everyday Precision Integrated Data has adopted the mindset of paper being a tool of the past. Paper is all around us, but here at Precision Integrated Data we have developed process and procedures to take these paper files, whether they are receipts, classified information, invoices, contract, personal health records, etc. and digitalize them through a secure document imaging process.

Over time we have improved the way our clients use and view paper. By taking away paper from the business equation we also eliminate the risk of liabilities like document security, documents quality and document retention. With paper files posing such a potential risk of being damaged or lost, Precision Integrated Data has helped businesses not only digitalize all their documents but organize them too while giving the client a standard workflow for future documents.

Precision Integrated Data not only helps service your previous documents that you have stored up, but we can also consult with any business and set them up with a business plan for the future to help keep their business going paperless. We can help train employees and businesses on proper workflow animation and file retention to maximize the organization and file storage content of your documents.